Before the summer vacation in 2005, Dong Yihang advertised Tang Yingzhi. Before dawn in the morning, Dong Yihang called Tang Yingzhi to go to the school playground. The confused Tang Yingzhi came to the playground. Dong Yihang, who had been waiting for a long time, walked to the podium, holding Tang Yingzhi's hand. One of Tang Yingzhi suddenly woke up because he had not held her hand. "Show you something. Look down." "What, it's foggy!" "Look down and the sun will come out!" When the early morning sun penetrates the clouds, a huge picture is displayed in front of Tang Yingzhi. It's a picture on the ground, ten meters long and four or five meters wide. On the screen, Dong Yihang is advertising to Tang Yingzhi with a red rose. On the screen are the seven big words "will you do me?". Looking at Tang Yingzhi's moist eyes, "is Yinger my girlfriend?" "I will!" Dong Yihang holds Tang Yingzhi in his arms. "When did you draw it?" "Last night, when there was no one in the playground at eleven o'clock, I asked some friends in the dormitory to give me flashlights and I drew them. They just went back before you came. " "You spent the night?" "Well, am I too stupid?" "It's stupid. It's stupid." The tears in Tang Yingzhi's eyes finally came down. Yes, but it took them a day to clean the playground. But they still feel very. Dong Yihang's painting talent began to show in the first semester of sophomore year. He has won the champion of Beijing Youth painting competition and the champion of national youth painting competition on behalf of the school. So young, so proud of the achievements, this son's future is unlimited, how much to exclaim! Dong Yihang became the focus of the school. How many people looked at her frequently and how many women cast envious eyes on her way. Dong Yihang thinks it's nothing, just as calm as before. It was Tang Yingzhi who was so proud beside him that his eyes seemed to say: "it's me, it's my boyfriend! I wish I could put a label on Dong Yihang and write that this is Tang Yingzhi's boyfriend! " In August, the 25th of this month is Tang Yingzhi's. On Tang Yingzhi's birthday, Dong Yihang took her to the countryside and said there was a surprise for him. Sitting at the back of the car seat, Tang Yingzhi glanced at Dong Yihang in front several times. There was nothing in the basket except a cake. It's also called surprise when someone gives a cake for birthday. Tang Yingzhi's mouth rises after sitting in the car and mumbles. "What are you talking about?" "Oh, Oh nothing!"